Do you suspect that you’ve outgrown your job, but you’re not sure if you should get a new one? Do you daydream about handing in your notice every day during your commute, but talk yourself into staying where you are because it’s easier? Staying in a job that is getting you down can be detrimental to your wellbeing and confidence – and procrastination can only make it worse. Let’s take a look at the warning signs that you need a new job.

It’s Constantly On Your Mind

It’s perfectly normal to have the odd moment when you’re feeling fed up with your job, your boss or your colleagues. But usually it’s because of a temporary situation or project that resolves itself. However, if you find yourself constantly thinking and talking about how much you dislike your job, co-workers, manager, or commute, this is a strong sign that the situation will not get better on its own. If your loved ones are getting tired of your conversations being dominated by your work problems, it’s time to look for a new job.

You’re Demotivated

Once upon a time you would be the first person to volunteer when a new challenge or project came up, and you were full of new ideas to improve the business. But nowadays you just don’t have the same spark – you shy away from taking on new opportunities, you hope that another coworker will put themselves forward for a new project, or maybe you find yourself coming into work later and later every day. It’s normal to have periods when you’re happy to take a back seat; but if it’s been going on for a while it’s time to take the plunge and find a job that’s a better fit.

You’re Bored

Maybe you found your job challenging at first, but now it feels as if you’re just going through the motions. Your days feel repetitive and you quickly run out of steam. Your manager knows that you’re keen to take on more responsibilities and new challenges, but either there’s none available or you’re being looked over for other coworkers. You’re desperate to climb the ladder, but there’s no position that’s suitable. If you are struggling to get through your boring workdays with no light at the end of the tunnel, you need to get out there and start looking for a job that challenges you – otherwise you risk becoming resentful and bitter about your situation.

You’re Stressed Out

Stress is an indicator of many things, and often stress can be positive – it pushes us to take on a new challenge or to pick up the phone and talk to a potential client. But if you find that you’re constantly stressed out by your average workday, you are heading for a burnout. Are you doing three jobs in one, and your company doesn’t plan to hire more people in the near future? Is your manager delegating all of their work to you, so that you have to put in long hours just to keep up? Or is your long commute interfering with precious family time? A new job could be just the ticket to reduce this stress.

You’re Being Passed Over

Maybe you’ve been with your company for a few years now, and there’s room to move up, but for some reason you keep being passed over for promotion. You have the required training and qualifications, and you’ve informed your manager that you’re interested in moving up the ladder, but it’s just not happening. Worse yet, you’re not getting a satisfactory answer as to why. If you aren’t happy with the level you are on at the moment, it’s worth looking at vacancies elsewhere that will put you where you want to be.

You Want a Pay Rise

There’s nothing more disheartening than asking for a raise – and then your manager turns you down for an unsatisfactory reason. Especially if they’ve been giving you stellar appraisals and you only receive praise for your performance. There are a million reasons why a company may not give you a pay rise, but it’s always going to be easier to find the salary you want by going elsewhere. If you’re not getting the pay that you deserve for the work that you do, it’s time to find a position that will.

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16 January 2019