Here at Saro Recruitment I am able to combine my obtained knowledge of finance and recruitment: during my International Business and Management studies, I spent half a year as an intern at the recruitment department of an e-commerce company, and after obtaining my Bachelor degree I worked at the finance department of this organisation for one and a half years.

At the moment I am also finishing my Masters’ degree in International Business. Learning how to cope with cultural differences at work is one of the key subjects, which is something I enjoy learning more about as cross-cultural communication has always been one of my main interests. Since a lot of the organisations we work with are internationally oriented, I get the opportunity to apply these teachings in my daily job.

I am convinced that only by working together can you get ahead, so a positive working atmosphere and teamwork are very important to me. So when it comes to that I feel right at home at Saro.

‘‘No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.’’ – John Donne

Recruiting Assistant

Dutch, English and a bit of Spanish

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+31 202 380 205

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